Looking for an IT developer?

Tournesol provides you with very qualitative & affordable nearshore developers in Ukraine

Developer's technologies


Html/CSS, JavaScript + frameworks
AngularJS, React, NodeJS

from 70€/day

PHP (Symfony2/3; Laravel; Yii; Zend;
Wordpress, other frameworks), Java -
C/C++, Ruby, Scala, MySQL

from 70€/day

Android, iOS, Objective Swift,
J2ME, C#

from 100€/day

Ubuntu, Debian, Linux, Windows,
Devops, Fedora

from 75€/day

from 100€/day

How it works

Recruit the best

To hire every single developers we interview on average 12-15
candidates and make them take some tests

Follow their work

You are the boss. You give the work and give the path of the project

Track their advancements

You use Timedoctor and time tracking tools to check your developers are 100% concentrated on their work

Control the quality

Tools like SONAR are used to control the quality of he code

Empower your IT team with talents

We recruit for you the best key players you can easily manage

IT recruitment


5 external recruitment firms screen THE BEST
among a market of 56,000 Ukrainian developers


After having selected and tested, they send them to our recruitment manager who checks their course, receives them for a motivation interview, personality


When the developer is selected (ratio: 1/10 of the developers sent are validated by our manager, he then returns to our premises to pass technical tests of international standards)


If they pass (2/3), he then meets the director of our office for administrative / legal details


When selected he then passes an onboarding accompanied by a senior lead developer or CTO

8 years

Our experience

100 +

Developers hired

30 +

B2B clients satisfied

Our magic sauce

Tournesol : your IT company in Ukraine
French quality, Optimal security at Ukrainian prices

A commercial contract under French law with a French company (contract of provision / technical assistance)

Recruitment techniques ensuring the quality of developers

A follow-up from A to Z of your project and developers by our teams

NDA Signatures & Intellectual Property Transmissions

Developers supervised in our offices

Ukrainian prices

Tournesol puts you at the disposal of the Ukrainian developers in direct control of our offices in UA

What our
clients are

Do you need developer?

High quality standards? Affordable price? Industry best practices?